bring your own pony to Kowhai

You will need to provide:

Sufficient hay for the number of days attending. (Hay is available here for $6.00 bale if required)

A 15.2 horse may eat up to half a bale per day, depending on the quality, his condition, and the amount of hard feed that he is getting.
Hard feed. Oats, chaff or chop, barley, horse nuts etc. Keep the amount similar to what you usually fed at home when he is working hard. (Make no sudden change of diet.) Most horses will require some hard feed when they are working all day. It would be reasonable to feed a 15.2 horse, four feeds per day, of approx. one kilo of concentrate, and one kilo of bulk. If you feed this amount, you can reduce the hay considerably.
Complete set of grooming gear, in a suitable container.
Tack cleaning gear. You can expect to clean your gear briefly, after every session!!
A feed container, and a hay net.

You are welcome to leave your float or truck parked here. (it's the best place to store your feed)

Note: The cost of your course is the same if you bring your own horse.

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