Quality Horse Riding Lessons

Private lessons.

Private lessons are available Monday to Friday (outside School Holiday's) from complete basics through to Dressage,
Show Jumping and Cross Country for advanced riders.

Beginner lessons are ideal for first time riders or nervous riders.

* Excellent facilities for Dressage, Show Jumping & Cross Country.
* Leg Yielding - Counter Canter - Forehand Turns - Pirouettes
* Shoulder in - Travers - Renvers - Flying Change & Tempi Changes - Half Pass etc.
* All types of gymnastic jumping with verticals, spreads & related distances.
* Cross Country facilities with over 100 fences on our farm alone. (from simple training fences to 140cm)
* Well schooled horses and ponies available or B.Y.O.
* Complete beginners are always welcome at Kowhai.
* Riding hats & whips are provided for your use.
* Maximum rider weight is 100kg

Monday to Friday one hour private lesson adult or child $50.00

Group lessons.

Are available Saturday and Sunday. (also mid week subject to minimum of 2 riders)
Arrival time is 9:00am and the morning will run through to around 1:00pm
All riders help with catching, grooming, saddling through to tack cleaning after.

Group lesson 9:00am to 1:00pm Adult $60.00
Group lesson 9:00am to 1:00pm Child $50.00
(minimum age 8 years)

Kids pony lesson - 30 minutes

These lesson's are for 3 - 10 year old children.
They will be taught on one of our small ponies and can be lead if required. (if more than 1 child is booked you may need to help lead)
They will learn basic riding skills such as making the pony walk, steering and stopping.
We will teach your child the correct riding position with balance and confidence.
The lesson will be tailored to suit the needs and confidence level of the child.
The emphasis is on fun, safety and getting and early feel for riding.

Kids pony lesson 30 minutes $40.00

Full day package (includes the morning lesson and afternoon trek).

Arrival time is 9:00am and the day will run through to around 5:30pm
Your full day ride includes helping to catch, groom, saddle and bridle your horse
followed by a flat work group lesson with a helpfull instructor.
NOTE: Lunch is not included, you need to bring your own lunch or we are only a 10 minute drive from Oxford
where you can enjoy a gourmet meal, dine at one of the town’s inviting cafes.
After lunch enjoy a scenic farm trek with other riders.
You can expect 3 - 4 hours riding during the day.

Adult full day at the weekend - $120.00 each
Child under 8-18 at the weekend - $80.00 each

Full day Monday to Friday - $170.00 adult.

Your own lunch if coming for a full day.
Long trousers, not jeans - track pants would be ideal.
Shoes with a small heel- runners or track shoes are OK or you can hire jodhpur boots for $2 day
Money! - small shop available that sells cold drinks, chocolate, chips etc.