Eventing riders information page. event riders

NOTE: Entries must be made the day they open or you will miss out!! - follow this link for entry forms

You may need to check daily for new entry forms.

Note: if the event is held on a Sunday it is unlikely you will be home in time to catch the Kowhai bus back to Christchurch, so it's best to make alternative arrangements.

GEAR LIST - Please name all gear!

  • Cover & under rug
  • Saddle, plastic saddle cover
  • Bridle
  • Appropriate bits & stoppers
  • Martingale if needed.
  • View Hill or tidy Numnah (available in the Kowhai shop for $55)
  • Spurs if used, boots and gumboots
  • Grooming kit, plaiting gear
  • Saddle soap - helps speed up the clean up at Kowhai.
  • Crash cap - must be AS/NZ 3838 (joint Australian/New Zealand Standard)
  • Jodhpurs
  • Riding gloves - if needed
  • Pony Club rugby jersey (Available in the Kowhai shop for $85)
  • Hat cover, hair nets
  • White shirt and tie.
  • Warm clothes, wind jacket, jersey, Driz-a-bone
  • Medical arm band. (available in the Kowhai shop for $12)


    Kowhai Residential School of Riding Ltd.