If you ride at Kowhai once a month or more you may wish to join as a member, this will reduce the cost for you in return for the following conditions.

  • Kowhai Members pay $32.00* per week
  • This includes either 2 days or one weekend every month, additional courses are then paid for at the member price.
  • Pre payment is required for all extra bookings.
  • Your payment is not refundable for any reason.
  • Your payment is fully transferable if we cancel the course due to weather conditions.
  • Transferable if more than 7 days notice given.

    You can sign up for membership at here
    Members pay a non-refundable joining fee of $10.00 - Ezypay customer set up fee.

    Any bookings that are not pre-paid will be invoiced at the non-regular rate + $10 booking fee.
    (Interest & collection costs will be charged on any overdue accounts)

    Price list for Member's - child under 18 years.
    Weekend $135.00 - non members pay $160.00 thats a $25.00 saving.
    5 days $330.00 - non members pay $370.00 thats a $40.00 saving.
    1 day $ 70.00 - non members pay $80.00

    * Note - there is a small ezypay interest charge and the one off $10 joining fee. (you can check the ezypay fee on the sign up form)

    Membership may be cancelled at anytime with 1 month notice.